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We (homo sapiens) controlled the world because we are the only animals that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers.

-Yuval Noah Harari

Our greatest hope for world progress in the 21st century may well rest on one factor – younger generations finding ways to cooperate beyond nation, religion, race, and gender on a grand scale. In fact, this new era of cooperation has already arrived. New technologies are rapidly making human connection beyond borders easy and rewarding, at the same time as planetary debilitation and potential destruction creates a powerful imperative for global cooperation.

In such a world, a brighter future will depend on the degree to which these new technologies can mobilize our most talented and committed individuals and organizations around a set of discrete actions that will make the most difference in the shortest space of time to the quality of life for the most disadvantaged. This simple recipe for global progress – crowding in the world’s most talented and committed people to work on the world’s biggest problems – is our best bet for a collective tomorrow worth living.

A tomorrow where earning an income and caring for children are not mutually exclusive; where every woman can control the number of children she has; where early death from preventable causes is rare everywhere; where no child grows up unable to read and write; and where family structures and work norms do not function as barriers to the full participation of half of the population.

A world where economic growth does not come with the price tag of environmental destruction and income inequality; where all citizens have the choice to be connected to each other via the internet and mobile phones; and where just as many women as men lead governments, corporations, universities, religions, and the other institutions that shape our world and determine its future.

At JustActions we have transformed this vision into a platform for action – ten mutually reinforcing, measurable goals with the power to accelerate progress to a more just world rapidly, sustainably, and irreversibly. Our purpose is to mobilize humanity’s most precious resources – inventors, scientists, doctors, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, activists, corporate leaders, and young people everywhere – to make one or more of the JustActions their life’s work.

We invite you to explore the ways in which you can advance one or more of the JustActions and hope that you will join the conversation on X and Instagram. At JustActions the onus is on you – which JustAction will you make your life’s work?

-Leith Greenslade


Leith Greenslade is a passionate advocate for the empowerment of women and children. She is a proud member of the Every Woman, Every Child movement, established by the United Nations Secretary-General, and has served as a Vice Chair with the MDG Health Alliance, a network of leaders committed to accelerating the achievement of global health goals. Deeply committed to the power of new ideas, Leith founded two global innovation teams that focus on the health of children and an investment circle that supports female social entrepreneurs working globally.

Leith served on the US Board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and in several positions with the Australian Government, including the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, the Leader of the Federal Opposition, and the Shadow Minister for Social Security and the Status of Women. Leith holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, a Masters in Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a First Class Honors Degree from the University of Queensland, Australia.

The Ten JustActions

Ten, mutually reinforcing, measurable JustActions with the power to accelerate global progress to a more just world rapidly, sustainably, and irreversibly

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David Rotbard Photography

The powerful images on this site are the work of New York City-based photographer, David Rotbard. David has been traveling the world and photographing for over twenty years. Inspired by the dignity of women and children living in the most extreme deprivation, David’s work is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. You can find more examples of David’s work at http://photos.davidaloca.com. Deepest thanks to David for generously sharing these images with JustActions.